Quality Digital Education
made accessible to everyone


An initiative to transform education in Ghana from analog to a digital,

more accessible & affordable one

Digital Education System?

This is a system that brings the union of hardware, software & multimedia content to create new devices & build systems to make education digitally accessible to all, revolutionizing the formal & informal education sector with affordable & accessible educational materials. To implement this, we are offering a series of Electronic Reading devices backed by internet systems to empower the educational sector in Ghana & across Africa migrating it from an ineffective Analog system to a Digital, affordable & accessible one. Rich with educational books, audio & interactive video lessons to train not only the formally educated but also the informally educated.

SmartBook Learning Tablets

Educational Software systems

Digital Learning Materials

Created from the best hardware, software &  content just for you.

Built from ground-up as a tool for the local educational sector, the devices are designed tough, rough and rugged to survive the harsh usage requirement in the classroom. The devices have been built with the best of hardware, running fantastic software, and comes loaded with relevant educational content based on the local educational curricula.

Digital Education

accessible to all

The project is being implemented in line with the Government’s initiative to make education free in Ghana. The Digital Education System(DES) is set up to provide quality educational materials very fast, affordable & accessible anywhere in the country irrespective of infrastructural limitations, social challenges or location.

Technology made for Africa

The entire system has been engineered to empower the people with knowledge & information through technology made for Africa. DES enables students carry thousands of books on one small device, buy, read, share, research & interact with colleagues all on one device, which can last up to 1-month after a single charge enabling it to serve those in the very remote off-grid communities.

Why build a Digital Education System

Ghana’s population majority is made up of the youth who are striving for better education. The institutions are there but access to quality education materials is still a challenge. DES is setup to make Educational materials & information readily available to students at their convenience. Our devices are not to replace the laptop or compete with the iPad but deliver a totally new ecosystem where users can access local educational content very fast & affordable whenever they need it.

Why choose DES


A fantastic Operating System built for Africa,  designed from ground up & optimized to be fast & useable even with the local infrastructural lapses.


A factory producing very rugged and tough devices built robust for African conditions. manufactured using locally sourced raw materials.

Ready Market

A global call for digital education, a nation poised to revolutionize her education system, Schools striving for quality educational materials & Students hungry for better education.