Future of Learning
'The Digital Classroom'


An overview of the various modules of the Digital Education System transforming Ghanaian classrooms to digital interactive learning hubs













Digital Library on the go everywhere...

The project is being implemented in line with the Government’s initiative to make education free in Ghana. The Digital Education System(DES) is set up to provide quality educational materials very fast, affordable & accessible anywhere in the country irrespective of infrastructural limitations, social challenges or location.

Educational tools for
Research & more

The Smartbooks are preinstalled with educational tools, one of which is an integrated research tool that enable students research topics on the internet. It offers unlimited access to educational research online whiles restricting access to inappropriate websites. This makes the Smartbooks very safe for use by students.

Networking, sharing friends & groups

DES offers a dedicated network where students can connect with each other to form groups to collaborate on lessons, share books & other educational content. Through the network, a teacher can remotely send lecture notes to students in his class. Parents can also buy content from anywhere & address it to their children at school.

Virtual class
with audio & video

Students can learn remotely from anywhere with virtual lessons tailor made for each user based on their specific educational needs. Providing personalized education & vocational training as interactive videos to train not only the formally educated but the informally educated as well.

Meet our


These are very affordable handheld gadgets which host a huge library of learning materials with access to more on the DES platform.  The devices come in two forms, a classroom tool with unique display that looks like real paper for text-based content & a full-color tablet with core function of accessing & consuming interactive digital media, virtual lectures & video tutorials.
Our SmartBooks are rugged, durable & tough, with long battery life lasting up to a month after recharge, enabling its use in remote rural off-grid areas.

Unlimited storage for books to infinity & beyond

Powered by a dedicated cloud storage system, we provide unlimited storage space to all the devices. This means users can store & access thousands of books, audio & video on a single device. It also enables users retrieve data onto a new device when they misplace the old one, so they don’t have to buy content they already own.

DES Cloud storage icon

Publishing for Authors, Creators, Teachers


Our content publishing system offers a simple interface enabling authors to publish books onto the DES platform right from the comfort of their laptop, instantly reaching millions of readers. It enables Teachers to remotely send lecture notes or suggest books to students. Publishing houses can also directly upload content through the interface for distribution to subscribed users.

Technology made for Africa

The entire system has been engineered to empower the people with knowledge & information through technology made for Africa. DES enables students carry thousands of books on one small device, buy, read, share, research & interact with colleagues all on one device, which can last up to 1-month after a single charge enabling it to serve those in the very remote off-grid communities.